In family therapy, we typically work with all members of the family where possible. While you will primarily meet with your therapist as a family unit, on occasion it may be necessary for members to meet with your therapist as individuals. We do not take sides nor do we seek to change the unique fabric of your family. Our culturally competent therapists recognize that each family comes with its own set of shared values and meaningful intricacies.

The key goals of family therapy are to improve communication, resolve conflicts, overcome unhealthy and/or ineffective behaviour patterns, analyze the dynamics between members and understand the influence of roles, cope through stressful periods and transitions, deepen connections and improve relationships between members, and enhance the over all functioning of the unit guided by the identified shared goals of your family.


Children, adolescents, and teens face a wide variety mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, trauma, bullying, social identity based stressors, stress stemming from conflict in the school and/ or home environment, hormonal changes, high risk activities, behaviour challenges, and learning difficulties.


Our team of therapists possess extensive training and experience in child development and attachment, and are highly knowledgeable about the issues faced by today's youth. We will help your child, adolescent, or teen learn effective tools to cope through stress and build resilience, understand and articulate their emotions, communicate effectively and navigate peer relationships, build self esteem, and explore their sense of identity. Most importantly, we will provide your child or teen a safe space with an empathetic and genuine therapist where he/she will feel heard and seen. If seeking parenting based support we can help you deepen your connection and improve communication with your child, while further supporting you as a parent in developing confidence in your ability to manage the many stressors of parenting.



Our aim is excellence in providing the highest quality in therapeutic methods that are grounded in years of research delivered by clinicians who excel in their practice and offer flexible scheduling.


Therapy with our practice offers individuals a safe place to express their deepest thoughts and emotions with caring and highly trained professionals who are committed to their well-being.


Our clients come to us to share challenges they may be facing in the present, worries about their future, and/or unresolved past hurts --- with the goals of healing, developing effective tools for personal growth, gaining insight and direction, improving their relationships, and/or improving their over all sense of well being and quality of life. While therapy cannot directly change your external world, it will work to transform the internal world of your mind --- allowing you to live a truly rich and meaningful life.


Merging the lives of two individuals is no easy task and there is no such thing as a "perfect" mate nor relationship. Naturally this means that each relationship will face its share of hardships.


Our team of qualified therapists are here to help you navigate through some of these challenges --- whether in the early stages of your relationship, preparing for marriage, or many years into your union. We do not take sides. In couples counselling we help couples rebuild and/or strengthen their sense of friendship and partnership, intimacy, respect and appreciation, ability to manage conflicts in a healthy and effective manner, heal through feelings of betrayal, understand one another's inner world, honour and support each other's dreams, establish a shared vision, and ultimately strengthen your sense of commitment.

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