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Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

This highly effective evidence based form of therapy is well suited to almost any mental health concern and is especially effective for treating trauma. One of its key features that sets it apart is that it works fast with long lasting results. In as little as 1-5 sessions you may experience significant or total relief from symptoms you may have dealt with for years. Unlike traditional therapy, with ART you do not have to share the details of your issue or traumatic experience with your therapist. Using therapeutic rapid eye movements, you will be guided to visualize and process the event — altering the way the associated negative images are stored in the brain by voluntarily replacing them with those that elicit more calming and positive emotions. You will not lose the facts of the memory, but will lose the associated negative emotions. While connecting with the subconscious mind, ART allows you as the client to have full control of the therapy.

Treating Therapists

Nakasha Ogbonna

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