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Children, adolescents, and teens face a wide variety mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, low self esteem, trauma, bullying, stress stemming from conflict in the school and/ or home environment, hormonal changes, high risk activities, behaviour challenges, social media dependency, and learning difficulties.


Our team of therapists possess extensive training and experience in child development and attachment, and are highly knowledgeable about the issues faced by today's youth. We will help your child, adolescent, or teen learn effective tools to cope through stress and build resilience, understand and articulate their emotions, communicate effectively, navigate peer relationships, and build self esteem. Most importantly, we will provide your child or teen a safe space with an empathetic and genuine therapist where he/she will feel heard and seen.

If seeking parenting based support we can help you deepen your connection and improve communication with your child, while further supporting you as a parent in developing confidence in your ability to manage the many stressors of parenting.

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Nakasha Ogbonna

Mee Yun Kim

Mee Yun Kim

Melissa Roberts

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Brianna Hogan

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