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Couples Therapy

Facing Relationship Challenges?

Vision Counselling & Consulting Offers Couples Therapy To Help

When To Seek Help

Merging the lives of two individuals is no easy task and there is no such thing as a "perfect" mate nor relationship. Naturally this means that each relationship will face its share of hardships. Our team of qualified therapists are here to help you navigate through some of these challenges --- whether in the early stages of your relationship, preparing for marriage, or many years into your union.


Couples counselling is well suited both to couples looking to maintain/strengthen the health of their relationship and those in crisis and on the brink of divorce or separation – seeking to make a final meaningful attempt at saving their relationship.

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The Vision Counselling & Consulting Approach

In couples sessions, our therapists do not take sides. Our aim is to ensure sessions offer an emotionally safe space for both partners. We help couples rebuild and/or strengthen their sense of friendship and partnership by helping couples grow in emotional intelligence and an understanding of each other’s continually evolving inner world (values, needs, love languages, hopes, fears, daily lived experience). Couples who understand even the smallest of details within their partner’s inner world are highly resilient and able to withstand some of the most difficult of challenges couples may face.

Our goal is to help your relationship develop this resiliency. We provide practical tools for managing conflicts in a healthy and effective manner and offer guidance in healing through feelings of betrayal and resentment. We help couples in enhancing emotional and physical intimacy, mutual respect, appreciation, and support for each other'
s dreams. We then support couples in establishing a shared vision, and ultimately strengthening your sense of commitment.


Our primary therapeutic approaches for couples therapy is the Gottman method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Dependent on the unique needs and preferences of your relationship we also incorporate elements of Cognitive Behavioural TherapyDialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Christian based therapy upon request.

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