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Your therapist is committed to your privacy and we make every effort to keep your personal information safe. If you wish to have your information released to a third party, you will be required to sign a release of confidential information form. There are some circumstances that prevent us from maintaining confidentiality and it is important that you are made aware of them. Therapists are required by law to release information such as imminent risk of harm to self (plans for suicide) and others (e.g. plans for homicide); and in cases of child abuse, elder abuse, and in some cases abuse of other vulnerable populations (e.g. persons with physical and/ or cognitive disabilities). If your therapist receives a court order, your therapist is required by law to release your information and all records associated with your file. Your therapist will only release information that is necessary by law.




Confidentiality is difficult with group therapy due to its nature. Please be aware, if you decide to participate in group therapy, your therapist cannot guarantee that group members will keep your information private. However, your therapist will remind group members of the importance of confidentiality.




The increasing prevalence of technology-based services as well as government mandates requiring the prevention of COVID-19 spread – means that counselling services have been required to adopt virtual methods. In this climate, your therapist will take every precaution in regard to the use of technology (e.g. Zoom/ Microsoft Teams, telephone, email, text, or chat etc.) to prevent unauthorized access; However, due to the nature of online therapy, there is always the possibility that unauthorized access can occur. Please be aware that family members, friends, and/or coworkers may have access to your computer, phone, and/or other technology. Please also make every effort to avoid use of shared and/or public internet access (e.g. free wifi in public spaces, unsecured personal wifi, etc.) during sessions and/or while accessing communications from our company.




Your therapist will keep all records of your therapy sessions for a minimum of 7 years. These records contain your treatment plan which include your goals for therapy. These are kept to ensure the direction of your sessions and continuity in service. This will not be shared except for circumstances outlined in the limitations to confidentiality. If you wish to have your records released, a release of information form must be signed. Records may be kept electronically such as a USB drive or in a paper file and stored in a locked cabinet.

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